September 2023 Meeting


September 19, 2023 - September 21, 2023    
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Quick Meeting Summary

FDP Agency Updates Summary (Sept. 2023)

Sept 2023 Agenda

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Description:  AI (Artificial Intelligence) is increasingly being integrated into various aspects of research administration to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and improve overall efficiency.   In addition, there are opportunities for AI to be utilized to assist in various aspects of research proposals and development.  This session will introduce the possibilities for creating AI tools that can assist our efforts while also noting the possible risks.  The speakers will provide information about efforts underway at their institutions.

Speakers: Dan Harmon, Director, Data and Systems, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Robert Pilgrim, Associate Director Data Strategy and Insights, Division of Research & Innovation, University of Arkansas, Ashley Bens, Assistant Director of Research Administration Systems and Training Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


Slides (Coming Soon)

Description: Representatives from the Federal Agency Members will update the membership on activities at their agencies. We will also set aside time for Q&A.

Speakers: Jennifer Robbins; EPA, Christiane Diallo & Mary Sladek; NASA, Jean Feldman; NSF, Susan Rice; NIFA, Kasima Garst; NIH


Federal Agency Updates Slides (9-2023)

Description: Representatives from NIH, NSF, DOD, and DOE (invited) will provide updates related to NSPM-33 and CHIPS Act initiatives, including the most recent iteration of the Common Forms for Current and Pending/Other Support and BIosketch. FDP updates from listening sessions held since the last meeting will also be covered, as will thoughts on upcoming activities.

Speakers: Rebecca Keiser and Jean Feldman, NSF, Michelle Bulls, NIH, Bindu Nair or Jason Day, DOD, Jeremy Ison, DOE Moderators:  Jim Luther, Yale/FDP and Pamela Webb, Minnesota.


FIWG Slides (9/2023)

Description: This session will explore, and provide a forum for discussion on, institutional engagement in the assessment of international agreements and funding opportunities, including outside activities, funding proposals, and non-monetary agreements, and associated processes and tools. The session will also include discussion on broader needs and tools for assessing, managing and mitigating research security risks and include administrative, federal and faculty perspectives.

Speakers: Greg Moffat, Chief Research Security Officer, MIT, Sarah Stalker-LeHoux, Deputy Chief Research Security and Policy, NSF and RSS Co-chair and Faculty Member (TBD). Audience: Members engaged in the research security programs and/or the review and approval of foreign influence concerns under sponsored proposals and awards.


Final_RSS Sept. 2023

A) SciENcv Updates

Description: At this session we will go over the common issues people experience with SciENcv and will open the floor for discussion and questions.


SciENcv (9-2023)

B) Subawards Subcommittee Updates

Description: The Subawards Subcommittee will provide general updates and reminders, including any new information on NOT-OD-23-133 and NIH Data Management and Sharing Plans and subawards. The Templates Working Group will update everyone on their current efforts to review and revise various subaward templates and samples and discuss next steps.

Speakers: Kevin Ritchie, Beth Kingsley, and Carrie Chesbro Audience: Administrative representatives involved in subaward management, monitoring, and risk assessments


Subawards (9-2023)

C) Universal Protocol Template


Slides (Coming soon)

A) Expanded Clearinghouse updates

Description: The Expanded Clearinghouse Subcommittee will provide updates and host a discussion on the following topics: Proposed system updates for January 2024 The Non-Single Audit Profile Working Group, and plans to launch an initial survey of FDP members in October Subrecipient monitoring policy, auditors, and administrative burden.

Speakers: Amanda Hamaker, Purdue University, Robert Prentiss, Yale University, Jennifer Rodis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tyra Darville-Layne, Northwestern University, Walker Pheil, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Audience: Administrative & technical representatives who handle subawards. Tracks: Subawards & Subrecipient Monitoring. Hashtags: #expandedclearinghouse #subawards #subrecipientmonitoring

Expanded Clearinghouse Slides (9-2023)

B) Conflict of Interest Subcommittee

Description: Session will provide an update on the COI Subcommittee’s projects, including an upcoming COI survey, COI management plan tool, and consulting addendum packet.  We will also have time for discussion related to the inclusion of venture capital funding disclosure for NSF awards and the new DoD matrix and its impact on institutional reviews related to COI.

Speakers: Amanda Humprey (Northeastern), April Pepperdine (Michigan), Lindsey Spangler (Duke)

COI Slides (9-2023)

Description: In this session, we will provide updates on the progress of phase 1 of the NIH Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Pilot, which focuses on testing the effectiveness and usability of two DMS Plan templates. We will also discuss planning for phase 2 of the pilot, which will focus on budgeting and costing issues related to the new NIH DMS Policy.

Speakers: Christi Keene; University of Chicago, Melissa Korf: Harvard University, Jim Luther; Federal Demonstration Partnership. Audience: Research Administrators


NIH DMS Pilot Slides (9-2023)

A) Finance, Auditing, and Costing Updates

This session will continue audit discussion from May meeting and other finance topics important to the community.

Speakers: Christi Keene, University of Chicago; Michelle Bulls, NIH. Audience: Administrative, post award, compliance

FAC Slides (9-2023)

B) Faculty Business Meeting

Description: We will be discussing the next iteration of the Faculty Workload Survey.

Speakers: The Faculty Steering Committee. Audience: Faculty and Administrative representatives

Description: In this session, all committees who hosted a session this meeting will be giving a brief presentation about the main takeaways of their session and the next steps the committee, subcommittee, or working group will take. We will also get an update from the membership committee and the communication committee will be unveiling the new website.

Speakers: Membership Committee, Communication Committee, Finance/Auditing/Costing Committee, Expanded Clearinghouse, Subawards, Research Systems & Technology Committee, NIH Data Management & Sharing Pilot Working Group, Faculty Committee, Conflict of Interest Subcommittee, and Animal Subjects Subcommittee.

Committee Report outs Slides (9-2023)


Description: The NSF GRANTED Team will provide an update on the GRANTED initiative.

  1. Introductions and GRANTED overview – 20 minutes
  2. Break-out session overview – 5 minutes
  3. Break-out session – 20 minutes (making sure groups assign someone to report out)
  4. Report out of ideas and discussion – 20 minutes
  5. Open discussion and wrap up – 10 minutes

NSF GRANTED website:

Speakers: Kim Littlefield, National Science Foundation; Dina Stroud, National Science Foundation. Audience:  All research support and service infrastructure roles. Tracks: Equity & Diversity, Research Administration. Hashtags: NSF GRANTED, research support and service infrastructure, equitable access.


FDP GRANTED Slides (9-2023)