Communications Committee


The Communications Committee has the responsibility for developing and maintaining the overall communication and outreach plan for the FDP. We are an operational committee reporting directly to the FDP Executive Committee. We provide guidance for all FDP committees for all FDP publications in either electronic or print form. We edit and approve publications that will have broad viewership, in coordination with all other FDP Committees. This includes, but is not limited to outreach materials, articles for magazines, journals, white papers, summary reports of demonstrations, and other publications as assigned by the Executive Committee. We also provide oversight and direction of the FDP website and compile and disseminate high-level summaries of the FDP meetings.

Current Activities & Initiatives

  • Our Sessions Summaries Workgroup continues to write high-level Quick Session Summaries after every FDP triannual meeting.
  • Solicit articles for our regular column, The FDP Update, for NCURA Magazine.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Completed an FDP Communications Strategic Plan in July 2022. The Communications Strategic Plan will assist in the development of all future FDP marketing materials, contains milestones for the next two years, and will provide consistency in the messaging to our key stakeholders.
  • Launched new FDP website September 2023.

Committee Chair(s) and Liaisons

Stephanie Scott, Columbia University, Chair
George Uetz, University of Cincinnati, Faculty Liaison
Aubrey Schoenleben, University of Washington, FDP Systems Modernization Liaison
Mora Harris, Johns Hopkins University, Communications Member-at-Large

Subcommittees and Working Groups

Develops marketing materials, such as brochures, and maintains resources for FDP members for outreach, such as slide decks, logos, and photographs.

Chaired by:

Barbara Gardner, Tufts University

Contact Information

Please contact the Communications Committee at with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. For questions concerning the website, contact