Faculty Steering Committee


The Faculty Steering Committee assists faculty representatives in defining, selecting and developing themes to be presented and discussed at FDP meetings. The Faculty Steering Committee is led by a chair, who is a member of FDP Executive Committee and sits as vice-chair of the FDP, and a co-chair elected by FDP faculty representatives. Committee members work with the FDP faculty representatives to document faculty perspectives on various issues and summarize findings in white papers. The committee also develops programming for the faculty representative sessions at FDP meetings.

Current Activities & Initiatives

  • Active participation in Faculty Administrator Collaboration Team (FACT), an initiative focused on leveraging the unique opportunity provided by the FDP membership and meetings, where Faculty and Administrators attend together, to enhance organizational faculty-administrator collaboration for successful research operations.
  • Explore possible alternatives to current Federal restrictions on the use of direct costs to support administrative assistance for researchers processes without increasing overall cost of the research enterprise.
  • Continuous monitoring of developments among Federal agencies in online grant submission and review systems, providing feedback to system developers to enhance and expedite proposal submission and review processes.
  • Collaboration with Federal representatives and other experts to explore ways to expedite compliance with various Federal and institutional rules and regulations in research, including human subjects, animal use, and export controls.

Recent Accomplishments

Faculty Committee Chairs

Michele Masucci, University System of Maryland – Chair
Robert Nobles, Emory University – Co-Chair

Committee Resources & Tools

FDP Meeting Session Slides & Meeting Summaries

All meeting presentations and summaries can be located at the Meetings & Listening Sessions webpage.

Contact Information

Please contact Michele Masucci of the Faculty Steering Committee at mmasucci@usmd.edu with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.