Advantages for Federal Agencies

Partnering with the FDP offers federal agencies many benefits:

  • Partnership and interaction with other federal agencies committed to supporting effective research outcomes, awardee accountability and clear communication.
  • Access to a unique forum of principal investigators, research administrators and research institution IT specialists with hundreds of years of knowledge and experience in managing federal research awards.
  • Access to a self selected and diverse group of institutions who care about improving research productivity and minimizing administrative burden in an accountable environment.
  • Access to range of research institutions  from throughout the nation:  large, small, public, private, research intensive universities; primarily undergraduate colleges; minority serving institutions, hospital affiliates, independent research labs  and statewide systems.
  • Access to a group of affiliate organizations that share FDP’s goals.
  • Access to a diverse test bed for implementation of new research grant related requirements, processes and policies.
  • Access to prompt feedback on research related pending policy changes, reporting requirements from a broad community.


If you are representing a federal funding agency and would like to learn more, please contact Maria Koszalka, Executive Director, at