The FDP Foundation

The FDP Foundation was established in 2009 as a District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation.  Its primary purpose is to support the mission and activities of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP).  It is the legal entity that conducts business on behalf of the FDP.  Prior to the establishment of the FDP Foundation, the financial affairs of the FDP were handled by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a service to the FDP.

Functions of the FDP Foundation

  • Receive and provide stewardship for all funds coming to the FDP including,
    • Institutional membership dues
    • Subawards from the National Academy of Sciences (Federal funds that provide partial support for the activities of the FDP)
    • Meeting registration fees
    • Participation in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse by institutions that are not members of the FDP
  • Disburse funds for the FDP
  • Procure goods and services for the FDP
  • Hire and supervise the FDP Executive Director

FDP Foundation Board of Directors.  The activities of the FDP Foundation are governed by the Board of Directors which consists of the six members, four serve Ex-Officio and two are elected by the FDP Executive Committee:

  • President, Michele Masucci, FDP Co-Chair. Ex Officio.
  • Vice President, Alex Albinak, FDP Co-Chair. Ex Officio.
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Kim Moreland, Chair of the FDP Finance Committee. Ex Officio.
  • FDP Executive Director, Maria Koszalka (non-voting member). Ex Officio.
  • Twila Reighley, Michigan State University.
  • Tim Reuter, Stanford University. Appointed