Research Compliance Committee


Reviews new and existing compliance requirements imposed by federal regulations and program officers to identify opportunities to reduce the administrative burden associated with implementation without compromising compliance.  Requirements reviewed may include but are not limited to human research participant protections, animal subject protections, financial conflicts of interest (individual and organizational), responsible conduct of research, research integrity, and research security.  The main emphasis is on harmonization of requirements across federal agencies, reduction redundancies, and identification and promulgation of good practices.

Current Activities & Initiatives

Recent Accomplishments

  • IRB Exempt Wizard
  • SMART IRB Collaboration
  • Lab Safety Working Group
  • Subaward Agreement Attachment 7 for Human Subjects Data Transfer

Committee Name Committee Chairs

Melissa Korf, Harvard Medical School

 Subcommittees and Working Groups

Reviews existing and new administrative requirements imposed by federal regulations and program officers related to animal use and care.

Chaired by:

Sally Thompson-Iritani, University of Washington
Axel Wolff, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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Committee Resources & Tools

FDP Meeting Session Slides & Meeting Summaries

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Contact Information

Please contact the Research Compliance Committee at with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.