FDP January 2023 Virtual Meeting

Agenda and Session Descriptions

(All times are Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

Monday January 23

11:00 – 12:30 ~ Opening remarks and NIH Data Management Demonstration; Pilot Project

The Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing will become effective January 25, 2023. In this session, we will hear updates from NIH on their implementation planning for this new policy. We will also provide an update on the FDP NIH Data Management and Sharing Pilot.

Speakers: Michelle Bulls, NIH

1:00 – 3:30 ~ Federal Agency Updates

Representatives from the Federal Agency Members will update the membership on activities at their agencies. The speakers are as follows

  1. NSF                             Jean Feldman
  2. NIH                             Ashley Alexander
  3. NASA                         Christiane Diallo (Admin) and Mary Sladek (Program)
  4. EPA                             Jennifer Robbins
  5. NIFA                           Tara Warner

4:00- 5:00 ~ NASA UPDATE – Open Science & Data Policies and Practices

The Open Source Science Initiative implements the ambitious, open science vision outlined in the NASA Science Mission Directorate’s “Strategy for Data Management and Computing for Groundbreaking Science 2019-2024.” OSSI includes the recently updated Scientific Information Policy (SPD-41a) that includes updated requirements, compliant with the recent OSTP memo on “Ensuring Free, Immediate, and Equitable Access to Federally Funded Research”, for sharing data, publications, and software produced from SMD’s research activities. The Initiative further aims to increase accessibility, inclusion, and reproducibility in Earth and Space Sciences through a range of activities including training in open science, development of Open Science technologies, and grants to support Open Science. NASA’s Transform to Open Science, a program to train 20,000 scientists over the next 5 years in Open Science and broaden participation from historically excluded groups, kicks off with the Year of Open Science in 2023. These activities will describe in a short presented to be followed by a discussion on possible opportunities for collaboration between NASA and FDP.

Tuesday January 24

11:00 – 12:30 Safeguarding the U.S. Research Enterprise: Transparency, Integrity & Reciprocity”

This plenary session will have two parts; Part 1 will be focused on our federal partners providing the latest developments in managing science & security/improper influence issues, including an update on the CHIPS legislation, NSPM-33, Ongoing Developments with the progress of NSF’s Risk Assessment Center, etc.  This will be led by Dr. Rebecca Keiser (Chief of Research Security Strategy and Policy,  NSF), Sarah Stalker-Lehoux  (Deputy Chief of Research Security Strategy and Policy , NSF), and Jason O. Day (Research Policy Dir., DoD).  Part 2 will be an update by Michelle Bulls (Director, Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration, NIH) and Jean Feldman (Head, Policy Office, Division of Institution and Award Support, NSF) regarding their agencies recent work on the “Common Disclosure Forms”.  In August, NSF, on behalf of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Research Security Subcommittee, released for comment the proposed common disclosure forms for the Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending (Other) support.  Michelle and Jean will provide an update on the feedback from the community and their ongoing work.  This session will be moderated by Pamela Webb (University of Minnesota) and Jim Luther (Yale University/FDP).

1:00 – 2:15 ~ CONCURRENT SESSIONS (You will be able to choose which session you want to attend once you log onto zoom)

  1. Faculty Listening Session on  Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  2. Discussion on features and benefits available to researchers through the Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv).

SciENcv has been updated to accommodate changes for the NSF Biographical Sketch and Current & Pending Support form. The new forms are required at the end of this month (January 2023).Bart Trawick will give a status update on SciENcv to discuss these changes.After the SciENcv update, the attendees will be able to ask their questions about SciENcv, ORCID integration, and what might come next with NSPM-33 and the common biographical sketch and current & pending (other) support form.

Speaker: Bart Trawick – National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Library of Medicine about the

  1. Conflict of Interest Subcommittee

The Conflict of Interesting subcommittee will have a discussion-based session related to an in-development demonstration related to how COI offices collect and manage COI data, as well as the scope of the COI office. We will discuss the scope of the demonstration, it’s goals and the work plan for execution

2:30 – 3:45 ~ CONCURRENT SESSIONS (You will be able to choose which session you want to attend once you log onto zoom)

  1. Responsible Conduct of Research 

This session will review RCR standards across a number of federal funding agencies. There will be discussion about the impending changes to RECR/RCR and how FDP can assist institutions in preparing to meet the new requirements. We will also discuss what other professional organizations are doing in this space, including ARIO and COGR.

  1. Subawards & Expanded Clearinghouse

The Expanded Clearinghouse Subcommittee will provide an update on recent enhancements to the entity profiles and 2023 plans related to the subrecipient monitoring process. We will then hear updates from the Subawards Subcommittee – the Subrecipient Monitoring Tools WG will share survey results and provide an update on the tools currently being reviewed and revised based on the survey results. The Templates WG will discuss their workplan to review and revise various templates and samples throughout 2023. We will discuss emerging collaborations with the Contracts Subcommittee regarding the topics of OTAs, FFRDCs, and State Law. The Subawards Subcommittee will also propose the formation of a standing Subcommittee (about 20 people) that will meet quarterly and help drive innovation in the FDP subawards community.

4:00-5:15~ Faculty Forum

A discussion on topics relating to faculty members at research institutions.

5:30 – 6:30~ Faculty Happy Hour

This is a chance for Faculty, and others, to get together and renew friendships and acquaintances and make some new ones. Join us for some friendly discussion and fellowship.

Wednesday January 25

11:00 – 12:15 ~ CONCURRENT SESSIONS (You will be able to choose which session you want to attend once you log onto zoom)

  1. Data Stewardship
    The Data Stewardship Subcommittee will be hosting an interactive brainstorming session.  With input from research administration, faculty, and federal agencies, we’ll develop a few hypothetical case studies on the use, handling, and sharing of data, which highlight ongoing compliance concerns related to implementation of the new NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing. In future FDP meetings, we’ll continue this work by discussing each case study with all interested stakeholders.
  2. Procurement Updates
    This session will discuss the implementation of various requirements of the procurement section of the Uniform Guidance including the most recent updates. Specific challenges being discussed include, but are not limited to: Cost & Price Analysis, Negotiating for Profit, Domestic Preference, and other new codified sections.
  3. Listening Session Stephanie Yee of NSF around Research.Gov

12:30-1:45 ~ CONCURRENT SESSIONS (You will be able to choose which session you want to attend once you log onto zoom)

  1. Research Security Subcommittee

This is the inaugural session of the newly rebranded Research Security Subcommittee.  The discussion topics for this meeting are:
– Open discussion about suggested direction of subcommittee
– Overview and discussion of NPSM-33 Research Security Program Requirements/Standards
– Overview of NSF cooperative agreements for NSPM-33 Research Security training modules, current status, and audience feedback on content
This session will be of interest to faculty and administrators.

  1. Finance/Audit/Costing Policy Committee

Committee working update

2:00-3:15 ~ Committee Updates

At this session, the various committees, subcommittees, and working groups will give updates on the latest initiatives, updates, and current issues.

3:30-5:00 ~ Discussion by Dr. Alicia Knoedler –  Head of the Office of Integrative Activities (OIA) at the National Science Foundation (NSF)

The National Science Foundation is emphasizing how to make its programs and activities more accessible to a broader audience, creating opportunities for everyone, everywhere. To this end, this presentation will highlight new programs within NSF’s portfolio, especially those focused on Emerging Research Institutions (ERIs) and building capacity in the research enterprise nationally to ensure that all institutions are able to access funding and build resources and develop the research enterprise workforce, especially in research administration, technology transfer, research integrity and security, and research leadership.