May Triannual Meeting 2023


May 24, 2023 - May 26, 2023    
12:00 am

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Mayflower Hotel, Washington DC

Agenda 5-2023

MAY 2023 Meeting Summary

FDP Agency Updates Summary FINAL

Presentations & Videos

Description: All are welcome to join the membership committee as we go over the organizational structure, goals, and activities for new (phase 7) members. We will also go over what to expect in the next couple days and how to get the most out of our in-person meetings

FDP New Attendee Orientation Slides

Description: Mike Lauer will be giving a presentation on the stresses the research workforce has experienced in the past and how that relates to the current challenges


FDP Workforce Stresses

Description: At this session, each participating agency will review the actions the agency has taken to reduce administrative burden in the research sector. There will also be a Q&A portion in this session for attendees to raise comments, suggestions, and challenges.


Federal Updates May 2023

Description: This session will explore the latest developments in the implementation of the NSPM-33 and CHIPS standards, with a specific focus on the draft Research Security Standards and (if released) the updated harmonized disclosure forms. FIWG members will also discuss the status of ongoing Listening Sessions with federal partners. Finally, this session will serve as a lead into the next session on institutional readiness for the Research Security Standards.

Slides: FIWG NSPM-33 CHIPS and Research Security

Description: During this session, participants will learn about two burden reducing initiatives of the 21st Century Cures Act: The Compliance Unit Standard Procedure (CUSP) Sharing Site and the Universal Protocol Template (UPT). The CUSP Sharing Site is an online resource where participating institutions can share standard procedures used in animal research The site is entering the pilot phase of the project with anticipated release to the FDP community later this year. Come learn more about the features and benefits of CUSP (including a live demo!), as well as how your institution can participate. An update will also be provided about the UPT project. The goal of this project is to create a user-friendly protocol template focused on required elements to ensure animal welfare and assist in IACUC review. We encourage all institutions with an animal program to attend.

Final FDP RSS Slides May 2023

Description: The FDP DTUA Working Group will briefly share the results from the Survey and updates on items they are working on. Then the session will focus on working through and openly discussing the hypotheticals (provided as linked material to this session). The objective is to solicit a broad discussion and to solidify a commonly acceptable approach and solution to the unique issue(s) each hypothetical raises. This is an interactive session where the input and thoughts from everyone us greatly appreciated.

DTUA & Other Updates May 2023 Slides

2023 MAY FDP Hypotheticals 

Description: We will discuss the initial analysis of the Late Draw Request survey results and discuss potential mitigation We will also discuss the formation of an audit working group.

FDP FAC May2023 Slides

Description: In this session, we will provide updates on the progress of phase 1 of the NIH Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Pilot, which focuses on testing the effectiveness and usability of two DMS Plan templates. We will also discuss planning for phase 2 of the pilot, which will focus on budgeting and costing issues related to the new NIH DMS Policy, and a planned information collection to support planning efforts.

FDP NIH DMS Pilot_Update_Session_Slides

Description: This will be an open mic session where presenters and participants will be able to share their experiences and hopes regarding:

    • Existing FDP tools for subaward agreements, risk assessment, and monitoring
    • Continuing issues with burdensome questions on subrecipient commitment forms, and their origins with auditors and risk-averse institutional officials
    • Implementation of policy options available under 2 CFR 200 to reduce the administrative burden associated with subawards

FDP Subawards & EC Subrecipient Monitoring Slides

Description: Session will present the Contracts Subcommittee’s recent accomplishments and current workgroups, goals, and plans.

Slides May 2023 Contracts Subcommittee Meeting


Description: This session will focus on themes related to enhancing collaborations between research faculty and research administrators at their institutions. During the session, FACT members will present on recent FACT activities and lead session participants in a discussion of possible future FACT demonstrations.

FACT May 2023 Slides

Description: Sherri Bailey (NIH/NLM/NCBI) and Carol Radigan (NIH/NLM/NCBI) will answer questions on the common issues that one may run into plus the common issues that SciENcv has addressed recently and have been eliminated.

FDP SciENcv Slides


Description: The Subawards and Expanded Clearinghouse Subcommittees will provide updates regarding recent initiatives and enhancements

FDP Subawards & EC Session Slides