FDP NIH Data Management and Sharing Pilot



In October 2020, NIH issued a new Policy for Data Management and Sharing, effective January 25, 2023. The new policy will require a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMS Plan) for ALL NIH-funded projects, an expansion from the 2003 policy requirement for projects over $500K in annual direct costs to include a data sharing plan. Proper data management and sharing are critical research practices to accelerate scientific advancement and support scientific integrity. The specifics of how each element of the DMS Plan is addressed will vary field to field and project to project.  The DMS Plan submitted for a complex, multi-site clinical trial will look very different from the DMS Plan for a project involving more basic science bench work.  Each NIH Institute, Center, and Office (ICO) has the flexibility to develop more specific requirements to best meet the needs of the particular field(s) it funds; however, significant variation in ICO-specific requirements will place substantial administrative burden on researchers to first navigate the varying requirements before they can even begin developing their DMSP.


  • Phase 1: NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan Template Pilot

    • Test the effectiveness and usability of two DMSP templates developed in collaboration with representatives from participating ICs:

      • Option 1 is a prescriptive template designed to limit the need for free text entry

      • Option 2 aims to provide detailed prompts as well as more options to include free text responses as necessary.

    • Gather data from the researcher/faculty perspective as well as the NIH program perspective

    • Refine template(s) based on pilot data

  • Phase 2: Cost Policies

    • Establish common cost principles

    • Identify types of costs required

    • Determine how to identify additional/unforeseen costs that may be required to meet the spirit of the data sharing policy.