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Charge of the Committee

  • Update the Appendices to FDP Operating Procedures as needed. (Flow-down of Grant Terms and Conditions (Appendix A) and National Policy Requirements (Appendix B).
  • In accordance with Section 5 of the FDP Operating Procedures, when asked by the FDP Executive Committee, review proposed changes to the FDP General Terms and Conditions and Agency-Specific Requirements, and recommend whether and how the change should be implemented.
  • Monitor new and changed statutes and OMB Circulars to determine whether changes to the FDP General Terms and Conditions or Agency-Specific Requirements are needed. When changes are necessary, recommend how they should be implemented.
  • Interact with Office of Science and Technology Policy and others to encourage adoption of FDP terms and conditions for all Federal granting agencies.
  • Interact with non-FDP agencies to encourage adoption of FDP terms and conditions.


FDP Terms and Conditions site maintained by the National Science Foundation
FDP General Terms and Conditions – April 2005 (PDF)
FDP General Terms and Conditions (side by side with A-110) – April 2005 (PDF)
FDP Operating Procedures – July 2004 (PDF)
FDP Operating Procedures, Appendix B, National Policy Requirements Matrix – February 2005 (PDF)


Meeting Minutes

May 2005 (PDF)
January 2005 (PDF)
January 2004 (PDF)
September 2003 (PDF)
May 2003 (PDF)
January 2003 (PDF)
May 14, 2001 (PDF)
March 6, 2000 (PDF)
Dec 2, 1999 (PDF)


Crosswalk Between 7/97 and 7/00 FDP Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Committee Members

Committee Mailing List - FDP-TERMS-L@LSW.NAS.EDU




Jean Feldman, Co-Chair

National Science Foundation

Mike Ludwig, Co-Chair

Purdue University

Judith Dillon

Duke University

Kathleen Babcock

University of California System

Mark Herbst


Genesta Belton

Office of Naval Research

Charles Kaars

SUNY – Buffalo

Melanie Krizmanich


Marcia Hahn

National Institutes of Health

Millie Lee

Environmental Protection Agency

Suzanne Polmar

Yale University

Jackie Kniskern

Department of Energy

Kathryn McManus

Army Research Office

Kathy Wetherell

Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Raegon Clutz


Jamiel Commodore