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CUSP or "Compliance Unit Standard Procedures" is a multi-institutional initiative in collaboration with FDP to develop an online resource where participating institutions can share standard procedures used in animal care protocols. CUSP hopes to relieve administrative burden and increase inter-institutional communication between researchers and regulators while improving animal care through the promulgation of procedures that have proven to meet the standards of IACUC's, veterinarians, researchers, and national regulatory bodies.


GOAL: To create an online repository where institutions can share standard procedures used in animal care protocols with the broader animal welfare compliance community.


Current State of the Project

For more information on the history and progress of the CUSP project visit the Education and Outreach / History and Development of CUSP

Key Resources and Links:


Steering Committee:

Sally Thompson-Iritani, Washington National Primate Research Center; Michelle Brot, Univ of Washington; Scott Bury, Vanderbilt Univ.; Elaine Kim, Colorado State Univ.; April Ripka, Penn State Univ.; Eva McGee, Drew Univ.; Axel Wolff, OLAW; Cyndi Rosenblatt, Medical University of South Carolina; Amber Wolfe, VA; Neera Gopee, OLAW; Carol Clarke, USDA; Julie Sharp/Aubrey Schoenleben, project managers (UCSF/UW)


CUSP Subcommittees/Teams and Leads:

 Subcommitees/Teams  Leads
 Overall Direction and Oversight

 Aubrey Schoenleben, University of Washington

 Sally Thomspon-Iritani, University of Washington

 Project Management

 Aubrey Schoenleben, University of Washington

 Julie Sharp, University of California San Francisco

 Federal Agencies (advisory role only)

 Axel Wolff and Neera Gopee, NIH/OLAW

 Carol Clarke, USDA

 Amber Wolfe, VA

 Education and Outreach

 Michelle Brot, University of Washington

 Scott Bury, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

 Help Desk

 Elaine Kim, Colorado State University

 April Ripka, Penn State University

 Quality Control

 Cyndi Rosenblatt, Medical University of South Carolina

 Eva McGhee, Charles R. Drew University

 IT Support  TBD


Note: Any FDP member is welcome to participate in this working group. The working group currently meets on the fourth Friday of every month. If interested, please email Aubrey ( or Sally (



FDP Meeting Summaries and Presentations:

FDP meeting summaries are available here.

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For additional presentations on the CUSP project, visit the Education and Outreach/ Resources and Materials