Research Terms & Conditions


To serve as an advance review group for the Uniform Guidance version of the federal Research Terms and Conditions. In the Spring of 2015, this group will review the proposed terms and provide input to the participating federal research agencies that have drafted these documents on the format, content, and clarity of the updated terms. The goal of the Working Group is to assist the participating research agencies in refining the proposed tools to ensure that they successfully address grantee needs; to expedite formal public review; and to facilitate adoption of the updated terms by FDP members.


New Research Terms & Conditions Presentation from Jan 2015 Meeting
RTC Working Group Observations on the RTCs
The draft RTC text with RTC Workgroup comments embedded
RTC Comparison with Pre-UG Version



Cindy Hope

University of Alabama

Gunta Liders

University of Rochester

David Mayo

California Institute of Technology

Lisa Mosely

University of Arizona

Nicole Pilman

University of Minnesota

Jennifer Rodis

University of Wisconsin

Dick Seligman

California Institute of Technology

Pamela Webb (lead)

University of Minnesota

Denise Clark

University of Maryland, College Park