Expanded Clearinghouse Subcommittee


  • To maintain and continue the development of one single web based repository for all FDP entities (and a select group of non-FDP entities) to enter, upload, maintain and update all entity related information about their organization
  • To utilize this centralized online repository of entity information to enable Pass-Through Entities to obtain and review all necessary subrecipient entity information and conduct subrecipient entity monitoring and risk assessment activities in a timely and streamlined fashion without requiring time and resources to send and collect various forms to obtain information
  • To utilize data available on FDP member and a select group of non-FDP organizations, in the aggregate, to information and support FDP activities overall.

Current Initiatives


  • Review future planning to include ownership, participation, maintenance and development, and use of data
  • Evaluate future expansion and use of Clearinghouse

Project Management

  • Monitor action items in process on a weekly or as needed basis
  • Oversee agendas, facilitate, and take notes for subcommittee calls
  • Develop communications and presentations for membership
  • Think proactively about what might be coming up next for Clearinghouse activities and coordinate needed work activities and timing
  • Monitor and respond to general Clearinghouse questions sent to ExpClearinghouse@thefdp.org

Help Desk

  • Set up new user accounts for new orgs joining the Clearinghouse
  • Provide instructions and resources for new users
  • Monitor ECHelp@thefdp.org email for any technical or instructional support

Web based System

  • Ongoing day-to-day operations and maintenance
  • Enhancements
  • Development (API, Financial Questionnaire, etc)
  • Troubleshoot technical issues

Profile Review & Approval (Updates) & Data Analysis

  • Review and approve updates to existing profiles
  • Monitor profiles pending certifications (not yet submitted to the FDP for review and publication)
  • Follow up with entities to update expired data
  • Data analysis

Resources for the Research Community

FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot (Feb 2016 - June 2017)Archived information and materials

FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Participant Summary - A summary of Clearinghouse participation can be found here (see Participating Organizations).

FDP Meeting Summaries and Presentations 

(September 2019 to most recent available here: http://thefdp.org/default/meetings/previous-meetings/)

FDP Meetings Session Slides/Presentation Session Summary
May 2019 Session Slides Video, Meeting Report
January 2019 Session Slides Meeting Report
September 2018 Session Slides Meeting Report
May 2018 Session Slides Meeting Report
January 2018 Session Slides Meeting Report
September 2017 Session Slides Meeting Report
May 2017 Session Slides Meeting Report
January 2017 Session Slides Meeting Report
September 2016 Session Slides Meeting Report
May 2016 Session Slides Meeting Report
January 2016 Session Slides Meeting Report
September 2015 Session Slides Meeting Report
May 2015 Session Slides  


Subcommittee Co-Chairs

  • Amanda Hamaker, Purdue University
  • Robert Prentiss, Yale University
  • Jennifer Rodis, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Subcommittee Members

  • Lynette Arias, University of Washington, Senior Advisor, Emeritus Co-Chair
  • Neal Hunt, Tennessee Technological University
  • Emily Lacy, University of Texas Dallas
  • Jackie Lucas, Beckman Research Institute City of Hope
  • Carrie MacCue - The Research Foundation for the State University of New York
  • Chris Renner, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Julie Thatcher, Institute for Systems Biology
  • Pamela Webb, University of Minnesota, Senior Advisor, Emeritus Co-Chair

For general Expanded Clearinghouse questions, please contact ExpClearinghouse@thefdp.org.

Collaboration with eRA Committee
Collaboration with Subaward Subcommittee

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