To identify common practices in contracts processing that can be expedited by uniform procedures within FDP IV; to design, monitor, and evaluate new procedures and concepts that respond to the legal requirements of the contracts process, but do so more efficiently; to study the similarities and differences between the grant and contract process to see if gains in costs and efficiency can be generated by adapting some of the FDP grant procedures for use with contracts; and to provide a forum for discussion of and possible resolutions for contracting issues as they arise for member institutions and agencies.


Troublesome Clauses Database - The Contracts Task Force initiated a demonstration that would allow members to (1) determine the frequency with which research institutions receive clauses in government contracts that require lengthy negotiation for acceptance or which are so burdensome that the contract can not be accepted; and (2) enable the FDP membership to more effectively and efficiently negotiate and execute contracts. This demonstration resulted in an online database that contains information about specific negoitations of these clauses and their outcomes.

Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Working Group

Proposed Areas of Study and Emphasis...

  • Provide a forum for discussion of current issues in federal contracting. FDP’s agency and institution members will exchange issues, ideas, and solutions to improve contracting by agencies and subcontracting by their prime sponsors.
  • Clarify issues and contradictory recommendations and findings which can arise under various institutional audits.
  • Address problems concerning the improper flowdown of general provisions under commercial contracts to educational and non-profit institutions. The tools to assist in this goal were completed in FDP-III with the federal agency clauses lists provided by DOD, NASA, and NIH, on their websites linked to the FDP website, and the DOE model M&O subcontract.
  • Assist members with issues concerning the development of small business subcontracting plans. The tools to assist in this project were completed in FDP-III with presentations by ONR Small Business Contracting Office and a link to their website from the FDP website.

Federal Contracts Toolkit

Carter Memo
NASA China Restrictions

Data Transfer and Use Agreement


Data Transfer and Use Agreement - Pilot


FAQs - 3/26/2019 version 4
Approved DTUA Pilot Proposal
FDP DTUA Pilot Participating Organizations – Effective May 1, 2019
FDP DTUA Template Pilot Q1 Metrics Reporting Spreadsheet for period 11.01.2018 to 01.31.2019

FDP DTUA Qualitative Questionnaire – For use by both FDP DTUA Pilot Participants as well as other users of the FDP DTUA template to provide feedback to the working group on the usability of the templates.




Missy Peloso, (Co-Chair)


University of Pennsylvania

Janette Hannam-Hayes, (Co-Chair)   Emory University
Katherine Cook, (Co-Chair)   Michigan State University