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The Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) and the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) are engaged in a joint effort to research the current and projected future state of private foundations and other non-profit grant-making organizations with respect to the development and rollout of ERA systems. The task force will explore the potential role that the national research community (institutional administrators and faculty) could take with respect to establishing and promoting best practices among eRA systems developments. The task force is currently anticipated to undertake the design and construction of a data collection and management system to establish a national repository of eRA-related systems being used by private organizations. The task force will also identify mechanisms that could be used to promote information sharing and potential links both between non-profit grant-making organizations and the national research community (including federal agencies and the university community) and among non-profit grant-making organizations. This may include holding of one or more informational symposia or other meetings. The task force is charged with preparation of a report, including recommendations for next steps, to be considered by FDP and NCURA.



Roadmap to Designing a Successful Electronic Application Process - February 2, 2004
Task Force Report of Activites (September 22-23, 2003 to January 12-13, 2004 FDP Meetings)
FDP & NCURA Member Survey of Funding Sources (Excel)
Report May 2003 - September 2003
Task Force Summary September 2003

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Jay Walton, Co-chair (FDP)


Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University

John Carfora Co-Chair (NCURA)


Boston College