Faculty Committee

The Faculty Standing Committee assists faculty representatives in defining, selecting and developing themes to be presented and discussed at FDP meetings. The committee meets by teleconference on a monthly basis. The Faculty Standing Committee is led by a chair, who is a member of FDP Executive Committee and sits as vice-chair of the FDP, and a co-chair elected by FDP faculty representatives. Committee members work with the FDP faculty representatives to write white papers and to gather information from their campuses to document faculty perspectives on various issues. The committee also develops programming for the faculty representative sessions at FDP meetings. The chair of the faculty committee elicits input from others to provide expertise needed for the discussion of particular topics.


  • Administrative Support – Current Federal restrictions on the use of direct costs to support administrative assistance for faculty researchers is a significant issue for the committee.  The group will explore alternatives to current processes that do not increase the overall cost of the research enterprise.
  • Principal Investigator Grant Administration Survey – The committee in 2007 published a survey of more than 6000 Federally-funded faculty members at FDP institutions.  Results of the survey showed that 42% of the faculty time available for research is spent in award administrative activities.  The committee is currently developing the next survey to monitor changes in the administrative burden associated with award management. Links to the 2007 survey are provided below.
  • Electronic Research Administration – The committee monitors developments among Federal agencies in online grant submission and review systems.  The committee provides feedback to system developers to enhance and expedite proposal submission and review processes.
  • Compliance – The committee meets with Federal representatives and other experts to explore ways to expedite compliance with various Federal and institutional rules and regulations in research, including human subjects, animal use, and export controls.
  • Faculty Administrator Collaboration Team (FACT) - The FACT initiative is focused on leveraging the unique opportunity provided by the FDP membership and meetings, where Faculty and Administrators attend together, to enhance organizational faculty-administrator collaboration for successful research operations.


Faculty Support Working Group

Notes from September 2016 Meeting
Notes from May 2016 Meeting
Notes from January 2016 Meeting

2018 Faculty Workload Survey

2012 Faculty Workload Survey

2007 Faculty Workload Survey Report

Parental & Family Leave Report

Meeting Notes


Faculty Steering Committee Members



Michele Masucci  (Chair)

Temple University

Robert Nobles (Vice-Chair) Emory University
Jerry Cohen University of Minnesota

John Hildebrand

University of Arizona

Laura McCabe

Michigan State University

Jane McCutcheon

New York University

Mary Ann Ottinger

University of Houston

David Robinson Oregon Health & Science University
Kelly Shaver College of Charleston
Larry Sutter Michigan Technological University
George Uetz University of Cincinnati
Alice Young Texas Tech University

William Olbricht

Cornell University Emeritus

Marv Paule

Colorado State University Emeritus

Sara Rockwell Yale University Emeritus
Susan Sauer Sloan National Academies (GUIRR) Ex Oficio