Executive Committee

Membership consists of the elected FDP Administrative Co-Chair, the elected FDP Faculty Co-Chair, a senior federal official identified by the Federal Agency Members, a representative from the National Academies Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (non-voting), a senior federal science official (appointed by the Office of Science and Technology Policy), the FDP Executive Director (non-voting), and the Co-Chairs of each of the Operational and Programmatic Committees. The OSTP appointed senior federal official serves to provide a strong link to the National Science and Technology Council, Committee on Science and other relevant federal research entities with the FDP. The Co-Chairs can appoint additional members, with approval of the Executive Committee.

Responsibilities of the Chair of the Executive Committee

  • Work closely with Executive Committee members, the GUIRR representative and GUIRR staff.
  • Chair and attend all FDP meetings.
  • Work with FDP Executive Director and Committee members on the development of meeting agendas.
  • Participate in Executive Committee conference calls (10/yr) and ad hoc conference calls with various FDP committees (10/yr).
  • Provide guidance and oversight to FDP Executive Director
  • Serve as an ex officio member of all FDP committees and task forces.
  • Provide guidance and oversight to the FDP committees and task forces.
  • Oversee and endorse all formal written FDP position papers and/or recommendations.

Responsibilities of Executive Committee Members

  • Attend all FDP meetings.
  • Participate in development of meeting agendas.
  • Participate in Executive Committee conference calls (10/yr).
  • Participate in the preparation of any formal written FDP position papers and/or recommendations.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact/advocate for a particular operational or functional standing committee.
  • Represent the FDP at professional, university and federal agency meetings.
  • Interact on behalf of the FDP with external groups: OSTP, OMB, NCURA, SRA, COGR, etc.
  • Attend GUIRR Council meetings (3/yr) and report on the status of FDP activities.


Congressional Testimony June 12, 2014

Member Organization
Alexandra Albinak (Administrative Rep. and Co-Chair) Johns Hopkins University
Michele Masucci (Faculty Rep. and Co-Chair) Temple University
Dick Seligman (Interim Executive Director) Federal Demonstration Partnership
Susan Anderson (ERI Representative) College of Charleston
Cindy Hope University of Alabama
Jim Luther Duke University
Michelle Bulls National Institutes of Health
Maria Koszalka National Science Foundation
Denise Clark University of Maryland, College Park
Robert Nobles Emory University
Jeanne Hermann-Petrin University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Kim Moreland University of Wisconsin
Debbie Rafi Office of Naval Research
David Robinson Oregon Health & Science University
Tom Arrison  The National Academies, GUIRR
Lori Ann Schultz University of Arizona
Larry Sutter Michigan Technological University
Jennifer Taylor University of Arkansas, Fayettville
Lynette Arias University of Washington
Stephanie Scott Columbia University
Diane Dean National Institutes of Health
David Saunders National Science Foundation
Melissa Korf Harvard Medical School
Sara Pietrzak  Federal Demonstration Partnership