Communications Committee


The Communications Committee has the responsibility for developing and maintaining the overall communication and outreach plan for the FDP. We are an operational committee reporting directly to the FDP Executive Committee (see Organizational Chart). We provide guidance for all FDP committees for all FDP publications in either electronic or print form. We edit and approve publications that will have broad viewership, in coordination with all other FDP Committees. This includes, but is not limited to outreach materials, articles for magazines, journals, white papers, summary reports of demonstrations, and other publications as assigned by the Executive Committee. We also provide oversight and direction of the FDP website and compile and disseminate high-level summaries of the FDP meetings.


Recent Accomplishments (Fall 2019-present)

  • In fall of 2019, recruited new volunteers, as part of meeting the goals of increased participation in the Communications Committee, per the FDP Phase VII Strategic Plan.
  • Formed six working groups dedicated to supporting different areas of the FDP related to outreach, marketing and communications.
  • Developed new FDP Session Summary template that provides high-level summaries of each session of the FDP meeting, launched January 2020.
  • Developed new brochure in February 2020 for the Phase VII application package, highlighting FDP accomplishments and benefits to members.
  • Oversaw the publication of three articles in NCURA Magazine in 2020.


Current Activities/Initiatives

  • Developing policies on marketing and communication to apply to all members of the FDP.
  • Developing a style guide to assist FDP members with written materials.
  • Overseeing, training, and providing guidance to FDP committee and subcommittee website content managers to ensure each committee maintains and updates their content on their dedicated webpages.
  • Continue to recruit and coordinate volunteers to write high-level session summaries during every FDP meeting.
  • Will assist the other FDP operational committees with onboarding activities for new FDP members.


Communications Committee and Working Groups

Communications Committee
Member Organization
Stephanie Scott (Co-Chair) Columbia University




Website Working Group
Member Organization
Rasha Abed (Co-Chair) Governors State University
Jamie Sprague (Co-Chair) Cornell University





Policy and Style Guidance Working Group
Member Organization
Csilla Csaplar (Co-Chair) Stanford University
Tolise Dailey (Co-Chair) Johns Hopkins University





Session Summaries Working Group
Member Organization
Benjamin Mull (Co-Chair) University of Houston
Jeff Petsis (Co-Chair) University of Pittsburgh





Marketing & Outreach Materials Working Group
Member Organization
Barb Gardner (Co-Chair) Tufts University
Sarah White (Co-Chair) The University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center





Member Organization
Mike Kusiak (Co-Chair) University of California
Jeff Petsis (Co-Chair) University of Pittsburgh





Infrastructure Liaisons/Technology Tools
Member Organization
Mora Harris Johns Hopkins University
Jim Taylor Pennsylvania State University






Resources for the Research Community


FDP Meeting Session Slides and Meeting Summaries

All meeting presentations and summaries can be located at the FDP Previous Meetings webpage.


Committee Contact Information

Please contact the Communications Committee at with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. Questions related to the FDP website can go to