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Charge of Committee
To assist FDP members with all areas of compliance with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.



The Complete ARRA act, Survey results, miscellaneous information

Reporting Delegation Survey - Summary
Reporting Delegation Survey - Individual Delegation Responses
Report on Research Compliance Article
FDP Member ARRA Contact List
ARRA Survey Executive Summary
ARRA Survey Full Report

ARRA Related Subaward Forms

A complete Research Subaward Agreement which involves NIH or NSF ARRA funding should include: The Research Subaward Agreement (with the ARRA Funds box checked); the appropriate (either NIH or NSF) Attachment 2; the appropriate (either NIH or NSF) ARRA continuation Attachment 2; and Attachment 4A (the ARRA reporting requirements).

Committee Members

Susan Ross, (co-Chair)    Northwestern University
Lynette Arias, (co-Chair)    Columbia University

Committee Membership List

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