FDP Committee, Steering Committee, Subcommittee, and Working Group Project Management Resources



This page contains the expectations, process, and project management resources and guidelines to support any FDP Committee, Steering Committee, Subcommittee, or Working Group. Key resources include:

Committee, Steering Committee, Subcommittee, or Working Group Procedures

The FDP Initiation, Evolution, and Oversight on an FDP Demonstration Flowchart illustrates the process from an emerging topic or idea a member may have, proposal and approval of a Demonstration, formation of a group to oversee the Demonstration, and expectations of how the group operates:

Project Management Resources

FDP-provided project management tools are available to all groups. These tools will be integral to the management of meetings, reporting, and communications as well as maintaining a website and developing key resources relevant to the initiative.



Use Requirements

FDP Access


Mura Website Content Management

Each Committee and Subcommittee has its own dedicated webpage. Each webpage contains the scope of authority, membership, and contact information

Each Committee/Subcommittee should designate a Content Manager to edit content on the webpage on behalf of the group.

The Website Working Group, as part of the Communications Committee, has a recommended webpage format containing a minimum of content requirements.

Co-Chairs of FDP committee or subcommittee should contact the Website Working Group (as part of the Communications Committee) to designate a Content Manager at website@thefdp.org. In addition, they should include Sara Pietrzak on the email. Sara will provide access to Mura to the Content Manager.

The Website  Working Group will provide access to templates and training on a dedicated Google Drive for Content Managers.

Listservs and Email Accounts

FDP Email list communication (listservs and @ thefdp.org emails)

Committees, Subcommittees, and Working Groups should consider a general listserv for membership updates as well as a Committee listserv to be utilized by the Committee members.

Closed FDP listserv and email accounts are accessible to co-chairs and/or committee members.

Open FDP listserv are accessible to a broader range of participants.

Request for listserv online here 

Request for FDP email account to Sara Pietrzak

Zoom Pro/ Zoom Government Virtual Meetings FDP-hosted meetings Contact Sara Pietrzak Quick Guide
Google Drive/ Google Docs Shared Drive FDP owns a Google account and has set up folders for Operational and Programmatic Committees with Co-Chair ownership of sub-folders.

Contact the oversight Operational or Programmatic Committee Co-Chair

Quick Guide 
Trello Project Mgmt & Status Tracking Software FDP owns a Trello account and has set up folders for Operational and Programmatic Committees with Co-Chair ownership of sub-folders. Contact Sara Pietrzak Online Resources
Thought Exchange Community dialogue & decision-making tool Used for collecting anonymous feedback and thoughts from all individual members.  Thoughts can then be themed and reviewed in a number of ways Submit request form here Online resources
Zoom Poll & Slido Polling Software

Structured participant polling capabilities (including advanced polling - such as matching, rank order, short answer, long answer)

Ad hoc, on-the-spot feedback during presentations/discussions

Contact Sara Pietrzak  
Survey Monkey and Qualtrics Survey Software

FDP survey to be sent out to FDP membership

Contact Sara Pietrzak  
Slack Project Communication

For instant messaging and frequent contact outside of email

Can be used for individual or group messaging

Contact Sara Pietrzak  
JamBoard, Miro, and Zoom Digital Whiteboard  Virtual brainstorming tool  Only the Zoom digital whiteboard (found in your zoom toolbar) is available through the FDP at this time.