Universal Protocol Sample (UPS)


The protocol form is the document used by institutions to describe animal activities to the IACUC, which it then reviews and ultimately approves. Protocol template forms vary from institution to institution, and in some cases include more information than necessary. The UPS working group is creating a universal protocol sample that will be a resource and can be used by any institution. It will use common language that has been determined to be acceptable by research institutions and federal oversight agencies. Institutions may choose to use it in its entirety or use just sections of it that are applicable at their own institution.

Working Group Information:

Working Group Co-Chairs: Bill Greer, University of Michigan and Ron Banks (retired); Federal Agency Representatives: Axel Wolff, National Institutes of Health and Bob Gibbens, USDA

Contact Information

Please contact the Animal Subjects Subcommittee at IACUC_SubC@thefdp.org with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.