Subawards Subcommittee


The Subawards Subcommittee is responsible for developing, maintaining and providing guidance for issuing and managing subawards under federally funded grants, cooperative agreements and other funding mechanisms. In addition, the Subcommittee generates tools and resources that will support efforts to reduce administrative burden related to processing and managing subwards.

Committee Name Committee Chairs

Kevin Ritchie, Harvard Medical School
TBN Co-Chair
TBN Co-Chair

 Working Groups

Maintains the accuracy of federal regulations and terms & conditions to be flowed down to subrecipients, as well as lists of requested changes and suggestions. Conducts webinars for FDP community on revisions and updates to the templates.

Working Group Leadership:
Carrie Chesbro, Stanford University
Beth Kingsley, Yale University

Committee Resources & Tools

FDP Meeting Session Slides & Meeting Summaries

All meeting presentations and summaries can be located at the Meetings & Listening Sessions webpage.

Contact Information

Please contact the Subaward Subcommittee at with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.