Open Government: Research Administration Data (OG:RAD) Subcommittee


The Open Government Research Administration Data (OG:RAD) effort is FDP’s data centric, evidence based subcommittee. Dedicated to surfacing pain points, assessing them for burden, compiling evidence, and working with our Federal partners to provide feedback to help ensure efficiency and effectiveness in their modernization efforts. In addition, we monitor all legislation and memos for impact on our work related to data requirements or potentially burdensome reporting. This subcommittee is part of the Research Administration Committee.

Within the FDP we look to support a Community of Practice (CoP) for discussing data and solutions in the grants administration space. This user group is always looking to bring forward ideas from the community that use data to assess or manage their local operations such as dashboards, golden spreadsheets, or process augmentations.

Committee, Subcommittee, Working Groups

For each data, evidence based effort OG:RAD establishes and helps manage a work group.  Work groups consist of leads, volunteers and a project manager/organizer.

Upcoming Efforts:

  • HERD Survey Survey – Understanding and quantifying the process many institutions have developed to complete the HERD survey will allow FDP members to learn best practices and provide adequate support to the research administrators tasked with completing the survey. Participation of the NSF HERD Survey Manager will enable a partnership that creates an open dialog between the surveyor and survey participants about how the questions are being interpreted and answered.
  • PI Profile Maintenance Workload Survey – Studying and quantifying both the process for using the new tool and the related benefits or challenges associated with its adoption along with clarification of required content will allow both grantors and grantees to better engage around communicating the benefits and challenges of these changes.

Current Initiatives:

General Intentions:

  • Monitor Legislation. Monitor and provide evidence for Modernization &,
  • Foster data solution sharing and various partnerships

Open Government: Research Administration Data Structure

Core Group (subcommittee chairs) looks to facilitate the following to provide vision for current and existing workgroups on data driven opportunities

Workgroups:  Established as needed based on various demands for topics and treatment

Standing Group:  Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Community of Practice

Work with folks to demo local data solutions like dashboards and key metrics from our partner institutions. Open call for participants.  Contact us and let’s make sure you are able to demonstrate your data wares!

FDP Meeting Session Slides & Meeting Summaries

All meeting presentations and summaries can be located at the Meetings & Listening Sessions webpage.

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