Faculty Administrator Collaboration Team (FACT)

FACT brings together paired institutional representatives for focused dialogue and joint efforts to enhance faculty-administrator collaborations that support successful research operations and reduce administrative burden.


  • Leverage the unique opportunity provided by FDP membership and meetings, where Faculty and Administrators attend together, to enhance organizational faculty-administrator collaboration for successful research operations
  • Establish ongoing and focused dialogue between faculty and administrators attending FDP and initiate collaborative projects to advance efforts to achieve cross institutional research goals
  • Explore the faculty-administrator collaboration as a vital partnership in support of both the work at FDP Member organizations and throughout FDP, as well as provide FDP an opportunity to better understand and enhance it
  • Utilize the wide variety of structures and types of FDP member organizations to inform best practices discussions and future projects within the FACT initiative.

Committee Resources & Tools

FDP Meeting Session Slides & Meeting Summaries

All meeting presentations and summaries can be located at the Meetings & Listening Sessions webpage.


Andrea Ham (Co-Chair), University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Steven Post (Co-Chair), University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Susan Anderson, College of Charleston
Lynette Arias, University of Washington
Kim Brownley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dave Budil, Northeastern University
Michael Young, University of Texas at Austin
Joan Cyr, Northeastern University
Sharon Dent, MD Anderson
Rick Fenger, University of Washington
Jessica Rodgers, University of Alabama, Huntsville
Wesley Harrott, MD Anderson
Mark Haselkorn, University of Washington
Perrilla Johnson Woodard, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Eva McGhee, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Elena Mota, University of Texas at Austin
Quinton Johnson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kathy Halvorsen, Michigan Technological University
Carmen Scholz, University of Alabama, Huntsville
Kelly Shaver, College of Charleston
Caryn Heldt, Michigan Technological University

Contact Information

Please contact the FACT Subcommittee at FACT@thefdp.org with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.