Expanded Clearinghouse Subcommittee


  • To maintain and continue the development of one single web based repository for all FDP entities (and a select group of non-FDP entities) to enter, upload, maintain and update all entity related information about their organization
  • To utilize this centralized online repository of entity information to enable Pass-Through Entities to obtain and review all necessary subrecipient entity information and conduct subrecipient entity monitoring and risk assessment activities in a timely and streamlined fashion without requiring time and resources to send and collect various forms to obtain information
  • To utilize data available on FDP member and a select group of non-FDP organizations, in the aggregate, to information and support FDP activities overall.

Current Activities & Initiatives

Co-Chair Leadership

  • Review future planning to include ownership, participation, maintenance and development, and use of data
  • Evaluate future expansion and use of Clearinghouse

Project Management

  • Monitor action items in process on a weekly or as needed basis
  • Oversee agendas, facilitate, and take notes for subcommittee calls
  • Develop communications and presentations for membership
  • Think proactively about what might be coming up next for Clearinghouse activities and coordinate needed work activities and timing
  • Monitor and respond to general Clearinghouse questions sent to ExpClearinghouse@thefdp.org

Help Desk

  • Set up new user accounts for new orgs joining the Clearinghouse
  • Provide instructions and resources for new users
  • Monitor ECHelp@thefdp.org email for any technical or instructional support

Web-based System Support

  • Ongoing day-to-day operations and maintenance
  • Enhancements
  • Development (API, Financial Questionnaire, etc)
  • Troubleshoot technical issues

Profile Review & Approval (Updates) & Data Analysis

  • Review and approve updates to existing profiles
  • Monitor profiles pending certifications (not yet submitted to the FDP for review and publication)
  • Follow up with entities to update expired data
  • Data analysis

Recent Accomplishments

  • Increase in institutional memberships

Committee Name Committee Chairs

Amanda Hamaker, Purdue University
Robert Prentiss, Yale University
Jennifer Rodis, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Subcommittee Resources & Tools

FDP Meeting Session Slides & Meeting Summaries

All meeting presentations and summaries can be located at the Meetings & Listening Sessions webpage.

Contact Information

Please contact the Expanded Clearinghouse Subcommittee at ExpClearinghouse@thefdp.org with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.