FDP Call for Nominations – Administrative Co-Chair

Date: November 12, 2023

Dear FDP Administrative Representatives,

Thank you for submitting your nominations for the FDP Administrative Co-chair. Three people were nominated for the role and were given the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination. We had one candidate accept their nomination. Alex Albinak, who is currently finishing her first term as the Administrative Co-Chair, has agreed to run for a second term.

Only a member institution’s official Administrative Representative can vote in this election and each representative is given one vote. We will be using an electronic ballot (Qualtrics) for our election and all responses are confidential. To view Alex Albinak’s biography and vision for the FDP, please visit our elections webpage. If you have any questions or concerns, please email elections@thefdp.org

The timeline and process for the Administrative Co-chair election is:

  • Candidate’s statements will be posted on the FDP website on November 13th.
  • Electronic ballots are sent to each FDP member institution’s official administrative representative on November 13, 2023 and voting opens.
    • Voting for the Administrative Co-Chair is limited to the official admin representative from each FDP member institution.
  • Voting will close at 5:00 m. local time on Thursday, November 30, 2023.
  • The results will be announced to the Executive Committee in early December 2023 and will be shared with the broader membership via our main listserv.
  • The Co-chair’s three-year term will take effect in January

The Administrative Co-Chair position requires a significant time commitment and extensive expertise in research administration. This is a significant opportunity to serve our FDP research community and engage with university and federal representatives in an unparalleled

capacity. The Co-Chairs of the FDP are elected for three-year terms. Individuals can serve in these positions for two consecutive terms (up to six years).

The candidate’s role includes the following responsibilities:

  • Serves as Co-Chair of the Executive Committee
  • Works closely with the FDP Faculty Co-Chair, the Executive Director, the GUIRR representative, and GUIRR staff, and the FDP Committee Chairs, Subcommittees and Working Groups to further FDP’s goals.
  • Co-Chairs and attends all FDP
  • Works with the Faculty Co-Chair, FDP Executive Director, and Executive Committee members on the development of meeting agendas
  • Participates in Executive Committee conference calls and ad hoc conference calls with various FDP committees.
  • Participates in the preparation and facilitation of all formal communications and publications of the FDP.
  • In collaboration with the Faculty Co-Chair provides guidance and oversight to the FDP Executive Director
  • Serves as an ex officio member of all FDP Committees and Working Groups
  • Provides guidance and oversight to the FDP Committees and Working Groups
  • On behalf of the FDP, oversees and endorses (upon approval by the Executive Committee) all formal communications and publications of the FDP.
  • Represents the FDP at professional, university, and federal agency
  • Interacts on behalf of the FDP with external groups including, but not limited to, OSTP, OMB, NCURA, SRA, and COGR
  • Represents the FDP as GUIRR Council Associate, attends GUIRR Council meetings and reports on the status of FDP activities.
  • Serves on the FDP Foundation Board of Directors

Thank you,

Maria Koszalka, MS, MBA

Executive Director

Federal Demonstration Partnership