Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Clearinghouse

The FCOI Clearinghouse provides a central location for educational institutions and other entities to self-certify that they are in compliance with US federal funding agency financial conflict of interest (FCOI) rules and regulations. This site may be used by recipients of US federal funding to verify the compliance of their potential subrecipients with applicable agency rules and regulations.  The FCOI Clearinghouse is a public resource that may be utilized to determine the self-certified compliance status of a specific institution or entity.

Currently, the FCOI Clearinghouse is transitioning databases and improving the attestation process. To access the newest version of this database, please click FCOI Clearinghouse.

To access the historical version of this database, please click FCOI Clearinghouse – Historical. Please note that this will only be available until January 2025.

Registrations will not be transferred from the old database to the new database unless you are a member of the Expanded Clearinghouse.  If you were registered in the old database and/or are not a member of the Expanded Clearinghouse, we encourage you to update or complete your registration in the new database.

Agencies Using the FCOI Regulations

While not all program or funding announcements contains specific statements as to the applicability of the FCOI regulations, agencies do list their award management guidelines and/or standalone COI policies on their website. Prior to submitting a proposal, FDP recommends checking for relevant FCOI requirements on the federal funding agency’s website.


  • NIH COI resources page – Public Health Service (PHS) regulation, which apply to grants and awards from the National Institutes of Health and other PHS agencies
  • NSF COI Policy – National Science Foundation regulations for grants and awards
  • DOE Interim COI Policy – Department of Energy Interim Conflict of Interest Policy Requirements for Financial Assistance
  • NASA COI Policy (Grant Information Circular) – National Aeronautics and Space Administration regulations for grants and cooperative agreements