FDP Demonstrations and Resources

Demonstrations include various types of activities such as studies, surveys, tools, guidance documents, new initiatives, pilot projects, and ongoing projects. The FDP oversees multiple demonstrations brought forward by FDP institutional members, Federal partners, and FDP committees.

From Idea to Demonstration:

Want to Propose a New Working Group or Demonstration?

For more detailed information on how to request and form working groups and demonstrations, see our Member Resources: Requesting Groups and Demonstrations.

FDP Demonstrations, Resources and Significant Activities

  • NIH Data Management & Sharing Pilot

    NIH Data Management & Sharing Pilot

    Finance/Audit/Costing Committee & Data Stewardship Subcommittee FDP and NIH collaboration focused on reducing burden for researchers related to the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy.

  • Faculty Workload Survey

    Faculty Committee

    Surveys of principal investigators (PIs) of federally-funded projects to gather empirical evidence to inform efforts to help streamline the research process.

  • Subaward Templates and Tools

    Subawards Subcommittee

    Includes subaward templates, samples, FAQs, guidance documents and other tools designed to expedite and streamline federal subaward negotiations and subrecipient monitoring.

  • FDP Expanded Clearinghouse

    Subawards Subcommittee

    Provides a centralized online repository of entity information to enable pass-through entities to perform essential subrecipient monitoring functions by obtaining and reviewing essential subrecipient entity information in a timely and streamlined fashion, significantly reducing the need sending certain important documents back and forth.

  • Data Transfer and Use Agreements (DTUAs)

    Data Stewardship Subcommittee

    Includes DTUA templates, samples, FAQs, guidance documents and other tools designed to expedite and streamline negotiations between institutions.

  • Compliance Unit Standard Protocol (CUSP)

    Animal Subjects Subcommittee

    A multi-institutional initiative to develop an online resource where participating institutions can share standard procedures used in animal care protocols.

  • FFATA Workload Survey

    Subawards Subcommittee

    A survey of FDP members’ experiences with Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) reporting, focused on users’ interpretation of FFATA reporting instructions, procedures for filing FFATA reports, and users’ experience using the FFATA Subaward Reporting System (FSRS) and the Federal Service Desk (FSD) for user support.