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Subaward Templates, Samples, Tools & Resources: Overview

The FDP Subaward templates included below were designed to expedite and streamline federal subaward review among FDP member institutions.  However, non-FDP members institutions may also use the templates. The templates are considered an ongoing FDP demonstration. Workgroups monitor federal developments and make necessary updates (see our committee page for more information). The templates are not meant to be edited.

Please keep in mind, however, that the FDP makes no representation or warranties regarding the suitability of these templates for use on any federal or non-federal sponsored projects. The pass-through entity (PTE) is responsible for ensuring all required terms and conditions flow down to a subrecipient.  All users utilize these templates at their own risk.

The most recent version of the Research Terms & Conditions (RTC), which apply to research awards from a number of federal funding agencies, were approved in 2017. The RTCs are incorporated into the FDP Subaward templates and are also hosted by the NSF for all federal participating agencies here:

All templates, samples, tools, and resources are reviewed and updated, as needed, through the efforts of various working groups. Revised versions will be posted to this page in September, or as needed to address changes in Federal requirements. Please check here for the most recent versions before using the templates.

For more information, please review the guidance documents and FAQs provided below. If you cannot find the relevant information, please contact the Subawards Subcommittee co-chairs at


FDP Subaward Templates. Recommended use: domestic academic/non-profit institutions under federally funded grants or cooperative agreements.


Version Date


Cost Reimbursable Template

September 2019

This 2019 release updates several key regulations, as outlined and detailed in the crosswalk and major changes documents, both of which are located below in the supporting documents section of this page.

Fixed Amount Template

Attachment 3B; Page 1 and Page 2 

Attachment 3A

Attachment 7 Data Transfer and Use (DTUA) PILOT  January 2020

Attachment 7 is a PILOT developed in coordination with the FDP data stewardship subcommittee. 

FDP members are NOT required to use or accept Attachment 7 in their subawards.  

Bilateral Subaward Amendment Free Text Only

Bilateral Subaward Amendment Template with pre-set options and text

September 2019

 This 2019 release updates several fields, as outlined and detailed in the crosswalk and major changes documents, both of which are located below in the supporting documents section of this page.

The bilateral amendment with pre-set options and text is designed for institutions to either have more consistency in amendment language and/or making it easier to program amendments into an online system.

Unilateral Subaward Amendment Template 

Foreign Subaward Samples. Recommended use: foreign institutions under federally funded grants or cooperative agreements.

Foreign Subaward Sample Cost Reimbursable 


September 2019

Please note that these samples should be revised according to your institution's policies and in accordance with the needs and location of the research project, etc. We strongly advise consultation with the appropriate institutional officials to ensure any subaward meets institutional, sponsor and project requirements.

This 2019 release updates several fields, as outlined and detailed in the crosswalk and major changes documents, both of which are located below in the supporting documents section of this page.

Foreign Subaward Sample Fixed Price 

Subcontract SampleRecommended use: subcontracting under a federal contract (or with some revision, a non-federal agreement).

Subcontract Sample

August 2019

Please note that these boilerplate samples may be revised according to your institution’s policies and in accordance with the terms of the federal contract, the organization type of the subcontractor and any project-specific requirements.

Subcontract Amendment Template

Clinical Trial Sample.  Recommended Use: NIH funded clinical trials with subrecipients receiving a fixed rate (per subject schedule).



This subaward sample has been created to assist in issuing fixed-rate subawards to enrolling sites under NIH funded clinical trials/clinical research. Please note, this sample should be modified only if necessary according to your NIH award.

Changes should only be made to Attachment 2B, which is provided as a Word document to facilitate revision and negotiation with clinical research sites.

Fixed-Rate Clinical Research Subaward Sample - NIH (PDF)

Attachment 2B (Word)

November 2019



Version Date


FAQs and Template Guidance V7

May 2020



Includes carryover guidance as an appendix.  Now includes guidance on foreign subrecipients.

Guidance Crosswalk

May 2020

Describes the changes from Version 6 to Version 7 of the Guidance Document.

Clinical Research Sample Guidance November 2019 Provides guidance specific to using the clinical research sample.



Version Date


Sample Invoice Template

June 2015

Optional for subrecipients without their own invoicing templates. May be modified as necessary.

Risk Assessment Questionnaire (RAQ) combined with Continuing Assessment Tool (CAT)

August 2016

Conducts streamlined risk assessments at the institution and project levels for new and ongoing subawards.

Continuing Assessment Tool (CAT) with Guidance and Regulatory Backup

Subrecipient vs Contractor Checklist PDF Version

Subrecipient vs Contractor Checklist Excel Version

August 2016

Used to conduct and document streamlined assessments of relationships with potential collaborators.

Sample Force Majeure Language and Information

 April 2020

 Generated to help institutions to discuss potential subaward language in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Version Date


Major Changes Document: Subaward

September 2019

Documents major changes from 2017/8 to 2019 subaward templates.

Major Changes Document: Clinical Trial

November 2018

Documents major changes from 2015 to the current, interim fixed-rate clinical research sample. 

Subaward Template Field Crosswalk

February 2020

Outlines field names, locations, and uses for all of the data fields in the various subaward templates.

Subaward Template Guidance Chart September 2019 This chart may be utilized by institutions to facilitate a decision on which templates to use based on award type and scope of work of subrecipient.  


October 30, 2019

Recording of training on how to use the templates and major updates.

Checklist of Additional Terms and Conditions to be Considered for Foreign Subawards

June 2015

Checklist of additional terms and conditions that institutions may want to include on subawards to foreign entities.

Guidance for Change Requests

July 2018

Please use the form and guidance to request a substantive change to the FDP subaward subcommittee. This form will help the co-chairs work through the points raised and help to determine how to bring forward to FDP members. If you notice any typos in the subaward template, please email the co-chairs at:

eRA: Please contact Amanda Humphrey: if you experience any issues with loading these templates into your systems. 

FDP Template Change Request Form





Data Use and Transfer Agreement Templates and Guidance

Data Stewardship Subcommittee

FDP Expanded Clearinghouse

FDP Expanded Clearinghouse