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Main Mailing List


Open Mailing Lists for Committees and Task Forces

Contracts – FDP-Contracts-L
Electronic Research Administration (eRA) Full List – FDP-eRA-Full-L
Research Compliance Committee – FDP-Res-Compl-L
Animal Care and Use Subcommittee – FDP-IACUC-L
Human Subjects Subcommittee – FDP-IRB-L
Export Controls Subcommittee – FDP-EXP-CTLS-L
Conflict of Interest Subcommittee – FDP-COI-L
Sub-awards – FDPSubaward-L
Troublesome Clauses List - FDP-CLAUSES-L
Open Government List - FDP-Open-Gvmnt-L
FDP Clearinghouse List - FDP-Clearinghouse-L
FDP Uniform Guidance Procurement Issues List - FDP-UG-Procurement-L
FDP Risk Assessment List - FDP-Risk-Assessment-L
FDP Data Stewardship List - FDP-Data-L
FDP DATA Act List - FDP-Data-Act-L
FDP Emerging Research Institution List - FDP-ERI-L

Miscellaneous FDP Mailing Lists

Faculty Forum – FDP-Faculty-L (Faculty Only)

Non-Member Mailing List

Friends of FDP – FDP-Friends-L