Expanded Clearinghouse

Publicly Available Organizational Profiles to Facilitate Subrecipient Entity Monitoring and Subaward Issuance Obligations of Pass-Through Entities

This site supports an initiative authorized by the Federal Demonstration Partnership to use on-line entity profiles in lieu of subrecipient commitment forms to obtain information needed by pass-through entities when they are issuing subawards or monitoring their subrecipient Entities. Click here to see the full description of the original pilot:. 

Data included on each published entity profile has been certified correct by an applicable institutional official and includes data about the entity's most recent Single Audit, F&A, and fringe benefit rates as well as suspension and debarment, PHS financial conflict of interest policy status, FederalWide Assurance number, other compliance-related information, and a wide variety of federal codes (DUNS, EIN, CAGE, etc.) and contact information (senior authorized official, FFATA, Financial, billing, COI, etc.) that are commonly needed for various types of subawards. 

Participating organizationshave agreed to review each other's published profiles in lieu of sending/receiving individual subrecipient commitment forms containing the information posted on their profile. Minor exchanges of data that are transaction/subaward specific (such as an IRB approval, Statement of Work or budget) may still be shared between the pass-through entity and the subrecipient, provided that such exchanges do not require completion of data already appearing on the entity's published profile. 

On 4/26/2017 Clearinghouse participants transitioned from Excel profiles to profiles in a web-based system. The previous list of Excel profiles has been retired and the list of organizations participating in the on-line Expanded Clearinghouse can be found via the link below. 

Additional information and the opportunity to join an informational listserv about the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse working group may be found here.

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