Expanded Clearinghouse

Publicly Available Organizational Profiles to Facilitate Subrecipient Entity Monitoring and Subaward Issuance Obligations of Pass-Through Entities

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The Expanded Clearinghouse is an FDP-authorized system that publishes on-line organizational profiles for use in lieu of subrecipient commitment forms. Pass-through entities utilize this publicly-available information when issuing subawards or monitoring subrecipient organizations.

An authorized organization official certifies accuracy for each profile.  Profile data includes:

  • Most recent Single Audit
  • F&A and fringe benefit rate agreements
  • Suspension and debarment information
  • PHS financial conflict of interest policy status
  • Federal Wide Assurance number
  • Federal codes (DUNS, EIN, CAGE, etc.)
  • Organizational contact information (Authorized Signing Official, FFATA, Financial, Billing, COI, etc.)

As well as other entity level information commonly needed for various types of subawards. 

Participating organizations agree to review each other's published profiles in lieu of exchanging individual subrecipient commitment forms. Minor exchanges of transaction/subaward-specific data (e.g., IRB approval, Statement of Work, Budget, etc) may still be required, provided that such exchanges do not require requests for data available on the organization’s published profile.

Non-participating organizations are welcomed and encouraged to utilize organizational profiles to aid in subrecipient monitoring.

Participation in the Expanded Clearinghouse is by invitation only and is currently closed. However, organizations interested in joining the Expanded Clearinghouse can learn more about the requirements by reviewing the Profile Participation Agreement and by contacting ExpClearinghouse@thefdp.org to request to be added to the wait list for consideration for future enrollment.

If you want to learn how to be a member of FDP, please see here.

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