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Organization Name: University of Oregon
Type: Higher Education Institution
Ownership: Public
Member Status: FDP Member
Geographic Region: Pacific

Administrative Rep  Faculty Rep
Andrew Gray
Executive Director, Sponsored Projects Services
Sponsored Projects Services
(541) 346-2507
  Emily Tanner-Smith
Associate Professor/Associate Vice President for Research
Counseling Psychology and Human Services
(541) 346 2365
IT Rep   Alternate Faculty Rep
  Cassandra Moseley
Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation
Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation
(541) 346-2090

Intitutional Contacts
Attending VeterinarianKathy SnellAttending Veterinarian541-346-0998snellk@uoregon.edu
IACUC ChairPhilip WashbourneAssociate Professor, Department of Biology541-346-4138pwash@uoregon.edu
IACUC CoordinatorMonte MatthewsDirector, Vet Services541-346-4957montemat@uoregon.edu
Insitutional OfficialCass MoseleyInterim Vice President for Research and Innovation541-346-2090cmoseley@uoregon.edu
IRB ChairCharlotte AlversonResearch Associate Professor, College of Education541-346-1390calverso@uoregon.edu
IRB CoordinatorSheryl JohnsonDirector, Research Compliance Services541-346-3106sherylj@uoregon.edu

More Representatives
Jeffrey Borden
Jesse Conway
Liz Denecke
Audrey Desjarlais
Cassandra Moseley
meng Ouyang
Marie Wallmark
Val Whelan