The Subawards Subcommittee is responsible for developing, maintaining and providing guidance for issuing and managing subawards under federally funded grants, cooperative agreements and other funding mechanisms.  In addition, the Subcommittee generates tools and resources that will support efforts to reduce administrative burden related to processing and managing subwards.


Current and past projects illustrate our activities in support of the FDP mission:


Active / Ongoing Working Groups and Projects

Working Group/Project

Purpose & Goals 



FDP Subawards Templates

  • To maintain the accuracy of federal regulations and terms & conditions to be flowed down to subrecipients
  • To maintain lists of requested changes and suggestions.
  • Conducts webinars for FDP community on revisions and updates to the templates.

Amanda Humphrey, Northeastern University and

Stephanie Stone, Mass General Brigham

Ongoing – templates are updated routinely based on sponsor updates

Next planned update 2023

FAQs/Guidance Documents

  • To create FAQs clarifying the use of the FDP Subaward templates, and other issues concerning subrecipient relationships.
  • To maintain lists of items potentially requiring an FAQ.
  • Currently creating new FAQs and revising existing ones.

Cathy Harlan, Nova Southeastern University

Julie Renkas, College of Charleston

Ongoing – FAQS added annually in the fall, as needed

RAQ/CAT/Financial Questionnaire (FQ)

  • To update the RAQ/CAT.
  • To assess the draft FQ.
  • Streamline questions and look for burden reductions in light of the expanded clearinghouse data and UG 2020 revisions.

Alice Reuther, Columbia University

Tyra Darville-Layne, Northwestern University


Subaward / IACUC Collaboration

To discuss opportunities to streamline administrative documentation between MOUs and Subawards.

Co-Chairs of IACUC and Subaward Subcommittees


Subaward / DTUA Collaboration

To create optional DTUA language for potential inclusion into the FDP subaward template.

Melissa Korf, Harvard University and Amanda Humphrey, Northeastern University




Recently Completed Projects (will be updated as needed)

Working Group/Project

Purpose & Goals



Subrecipient vs Contractor Checklist

Created a tool to assist PTEs classifying subrecipients vs contractors per Uniform Guidance regulations.

Amanda Hamaker, Purdue University


Carryover Guidance Document

  • Issued a guidance document containing definitions, guidance and options for PTEs when restricting carryover to subrecipients.
  • Incorporated an Appendix in the main FDP Subaward FAQs.

Amanda Humphrey and Stephanie Scott


Foreign Subaward sample/template

Developed a subaward template for flowing down federal funds to foreign subrecipients.

Alice Reuther, University of Virginia


Prior Approval of Fixed Rate Subawards

  • Collaborated with COGR to bring awareness to NIH that requesting prior approval for fixed priced subawards issued under multi-site clinical trials was problematics.
  • End result: NIH re-coined them ‘fixed-rate’ subawards, similar to how DoD coined them in their T&Cs, and waived the prior approval requirement.
  • Issued guidance on the FDP Subawards Listserv.
  • Also wrote boilerplate language for prior approval requests to be used for fixed priced subawards (excludes NIH clinical trials).

Jennifer McCallister, Duke University


Foreign Subaward Guidance

To create FAQs related to FDP Foreign subaward templates.

Julie Renkas, College of Charleston


Subcontract sample To update the FDP Subcontract sample for PTEs to use when issuing subawards or subcontracts under a federal contract.

Jim Fong, UCLA

Rick Alves, Northeastern University

Clinical Trial sample To update the subaward sample to be used for NIH multi-site clinical trials. Brenda Kavanaugh, University of Rochester and Jennifer McCallister, Duke University Complete
Subaward Delays To create a survey regarding institutional processes, policies and practices with the objective of leveraging the data to identify potential areas for process improvement.

Kevin Ritchie, Harvard Medical School

Kathleen Kriedler, University of Texas

Subcontract Guidance To craft concise guidance on the use of the FDP Subcontract sample. Rick Alves, Northeastern University Complete



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Developed by the subaward subcommittee are available here.


Co-chairs may be reached at or via their individual email addresses below.

Member Organization
Amanda Humphrey, (Co-Chair) Northeastern University
Kevin Ritchie, (Co-Chair) Harvard University
Kari Tetrault (Co-Chair) Institute for Systems Biology