Modes of Participation

Institutional Membership

No new Institution Members are eligible to join at this time. Membership will open again in 2020 as Phase VII is initiated.

“Institutions” include large and small public and private colleges and universities (including predominantly undergraduate institutions and minority serving institutions), non-profit research and education organizations (e.g. science museums and research institutes), and hospitals. Except for central system offices of statewide university systems and research foundations serving such systems, membership is on the basis of individual institutions. Where the system is the FDP member, participation of individual member institutions is strongly encouraged.

Membership is for the six-year life of each FDP phase. The current annual membership fee for each member institution is $2,000. Subsequent rates will be established by the Finance Committee. 

As a condition for participation as an Institutional Member, institutions must agree to do the following:

  • Establish and maintain management and administrative procedures and systems that comply with the standards and requirements of the federal government for administering federal awards for research. Institutions must not be debarred from doing business with the Federal government.
  • Appoint a faculty representative and a research administration representative, and encourage the involvement of technical staff that supports research administration systems in appropriate FDP activities.
  • Participate actively, at institutional expense, in regular FDP committee and task force meetings, ad hoc working groups, and new or ongoing FDP demonstrations and pilots. Failure to attend two consecutive regularly scheduled FDP committee meetings or to participate in FDP activities will be grounds for termination of membership.
  • Pay an annual membership fee. 
  • Continue efforts to reengineer and streamline internal processes and to maintain effective stewardship of federal support. Each institution shall provide a report on these efforts to the FDP membership at least every two years.
  • Report annually on their participation in task forces, standing committees, pilot projects and demonstrations.
  • Execute a memorandum of agreement confirming the above.

Emerging Research Institution (ERI) Participation

Institutions whose annual federally supported research & development expenditures are less than $50,000,000 [as shown in the research and development column of ‘Federal obligations for science and engineering (S&E) to universities and colleges, by State, institution, and type of activity:] may become formally involved in some or all FDP activities without becoming full Institutional Members.

The input from such institutions helps enlighten the discussions of the FDP and ensures that the federal members hear from a broad audience. For example, regulatory burden or federal rules regarding conflict of interest or Responsible Conduct of Research might have an especially great impact on less research-intensive institutions. ERI’s can be added at any time during Phase IV by submitting to the Executive Committee a description of their research support and expected growth areas, and an indication of what they feel they can contribute to FDP. 

There is no annual fee for this type of participation.

Emerging Research Institutions are expected to:

  • Designate an individual who is the point of contact for FDP activities.
  • Be involved in appropriate meetings, demonstrations and activities.
  • Execute a Memorandum of Agreement with federal agencies reflecting participation. 
  • Effective dates of terms and conditions for ERI participants will be subject to the dates agreed to in an executed Memorandum of Agreement among the Federal agencies and the ERI organization.

    Federal Agency Membership

    Any grant-making federal agency wishing to participate in the Federal Demonstration Partnership may do so, provided it meets the requirements stated below. 

    Federal agencies participating in the FDP must agree to do the following:

    • Apply FDP Terms and Conditions to at least grants and to the extent possible to cooperative agreements awarded to FDP Institutional Members.
    • Designate both an administrative and program representative to the FDP, and where possible, a technical representative.
    • Use the FDP as the primary focus for tests and demonstrations of reengineered processes and systems for the support of research.
    • Actively participate in regular FDP committee and task force meetings, ad hoc working groups, and new or ongoing FDP demonstrations and pilots. Federal agencies shall provide a report to the FDP membership at least every two years describing their efforts to reengineer and streamline processes that affect the grantee community.
    • Provide funding for the operating costs of FDP.

    Affiliate Membership

    Associations of researchers, research administrators, scientific societies, associations of state and/or local governments, and other such groups are encouraged to seek affiliate membership. While such groups are not eligible for Institutional Membership, their representatives may attend FDP meetings and otherwise participate as appropriate in FDP activities. Upon approval of a request submitted to the Executive Committee, such groups can be added as affiliate members. A registration fee will be charged to attend the meetings in Washington DC. 

    Affiliates are expected to:

    • Exchange information with FDP about developments that they are positioned to understand in depth.
    • Work in concert with FDP to achieve common objectives.
    • Be represented at FDP meetings.