Membership Committee

Responsible for membership issues

  • Monitoring attendance and participation
  • Assuring vendor participation complies with FDP policy
  • Receiving, evaluating and recommending requests for additional affiliate membership
  • Encouraging increased federal participation and membership
  • Facilitating the transition process for new FDP phases
  • Updating and overseeing Executive Committee nomination/election procedures
  • Supporting Emerging Research Institution (ERI) full participation in FDP activities

FDP Modes of Participation
Advantages for Federal Agencies
General FDP FAQ




Meeting Minutes

Minutes from previous meetings are located in the Committee Meeting Summaries description for each FDP meeting.


Committee Members

Name Organization
Maria Koszalka (Co-Chair) National Science Foundation
Larry Sutter (Co-Chair) Michigan Technological University
Jeanne Hermann-Petrin (Co-Chair) University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Lisa Akin Texas A&M Engineering Exp. Station
Terry Alford Arizona State University
Susan Anderson College of Charleston
Lynette Arias University of Washington
Kristi Billinger Texas A&M University
Glory Brown Florida A&M University
Michael Eads Northern Illinois University
Erin Fogarty Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine 

Gina Hedberg

University of South Alabama
Kathy Kawamura University of California, Los Angeles
Laura Kingsley University of Pittsburgh
Katherine Kissmann Texas A&M University
Michael Kusiak University California
Susan Lasley Duke University
Vicki Marvin Texas A&M Engineering Exp. Station
Jean Mercer University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jennifer Morehead Farmer
  Regenstrief Institute
Debra Murphy Arizona State University
Missy Peloso University of Pennsylvania
Melissa Spragens University of Massachusetts Medical School
Courtney Swaney University of Texas, Austin
Julie Thatcher Institute for Systems Biology