Infrastructure Committee


  • Identify, develop and document tools for facilitating communications, information gathering and alignment across all FDP Operations. Provide training and oversight of use, if required.
  • Provide support to the executive committee to enhance cross-functional activities.
  • Maintain FDP Operational Guidelines, by reviewing at least annually and submit substantive updates to the Executive Committee for approval.
  • Maintain documentation of committee responsibilities and membership.
  • Inventory, update, and archive FDP organizational documents, including the FDP Organizational Chart and associated documents and information
  • Identify and develop project management tools to be utilized in the conduct of FDP activities.  Provide training and oversight, if required
  • Facilitate interaction, standards, and documentation related to internal FDP data systems.
  • Develop and maintain resources and guidelines to support development of FDP activities and demonstrations.

Current Activities/Initiatives

  • Develop project management resources for FDP committees to utilize
  • Review and optimize across internal FDP systems
  • Provide further guidance for FDP committees, subcommittees and working group co-chairs
  • Review Operating Guidelines for proposed updates

Recent Accomplishments (Fall 2020-Present)

  • Released updated Operating Guidelines
  • Updated FDP Operations Information website here to include such documents as Phase VII, Membership and Participation, Demonstration, and Project Management resources
  • Developed Demonstration website here to include overview, proposal form, and list of current Demonstrations
  • Developed documented FDP committee structure, scope, and authority guidelines
  • Formed project management tools and FDP systems working groups




    Robert Nobles, Co-Chair

    Emory University

    Lynette Arias, Co-Chair

    University of Washington

    Denise Moody, Project Manager

    Boston VA Research Institute

    Amanda Humphrey

    Northeastern University

    Mora Harris

    Johns Hopkins University

    Jim Taylor

    Penn State University

    Courtney Swaney

    University of Texas, Austin

    Jim Kresl

    University of Washington

    Lori Schultz

    University of Arizona

    Jean Mercer

    University of Tennessee Knoxville

    Julie Thatcher

    Institute for Systems Biology

    Robert Prentiss

    Yale University

    Chris Renner

    Vanderbilt Medical Center

    Vonda Durer

    University of Virginia

    Aubrey Schoenleben

    University of Washington

    Stephanie Gray

    University of Florida

    David Wright

    Federal Demonstration Partnership

    Lillian Andrews

    Federal Demonstration Partnership

    Ex-Officio Members from Executive Committee


    Alexandra Albinak

    Johns Hopkins University

    Jennifer Taylor

    Tennessee Tech University

    Stephanie Scott

    Columbia University

    Larry Sutter

    Michigan Technological University

    Jeanne Hermann-Petrin

    University of Tennessee HSC

    David Robinson

    Oregon Health & Science University

    Lori Schultz

    University of Arizona

    Jim Luther

    Duke University

    Susan Anderson

    College of Charleston


    Documents and Resources


    Committee Contact Information

    Please contact the Infrastructure Committee at with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. Questions related to the FDP website may be directed to