Proposing New Demonstrations

Any individual or group of members of FDP such as a Standing Committee or Task Force or Friends of the FDP may propose a Demonstration Project to the FDP Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will review and act accordingly. After preliminary approval by the Executive Committee, the proposal will be presented to the FDP membership for consideration and approval.

The suggested format for the written 2-3 page proposal follows:

  1. Title and Brief Description of Proposed Demonstration Project
  2. Description of Purpose, Goals, and Objectives that includes the following elements:
    1. A succinct one sentence statement of the Purpose of the Project (for purposes of achieving clarity and focus) that can be followed by a fuller written description
    2. Statement of current baseline state
    3. Anticipated results or desired changes
    4. Advantages/disadvantages of the proposed changes
  3. Significance to FDP
    1. Describe the need for such a Demonstration and if there is a relationship to other committees, Demonstrations or other FDP activities.
  4. Participants
    1. Include a recommendation for an optimal number and type of participants including specific suggestions of Institutional and Federal participants as appropriate or a rationale for not including a category of participant, e.g. a Demonstration Project may propose to include only Emerging Research Institutions or Faculty because of the nature of the project.
    2. In most cases a Demonstration Project must include a Federal sponsor and at least one Institution represented by an Administrative or Faculty representative
    3. Describe the responsibilities of the Participants, i.e. what will they be expected to do at FDP or at the home organization
  5. Responsible Group
    1. Identify the Standing Committee or Task Force that will be responsible for the conduct of the Project
  6. Evaluation Plan that includes the following elements
    1. Process and timeline for written interim assessments
    2. Summative Evaluation, i.e. how will the Demonstration Project be evaluated for success:
    3. Achieving a desired target of participants, or;
      1. Measuring a specified number of transactions, or;
      2. Reducing time, complexity or cost of a programmatic or financial sponsor requirement, and/or;
      3. Other appropriate measures.
  7. Early Termination Plan based on identified factors of obvious success or demonstrable failure.
  8. Estimate of time required to accomplish objectives

Approval and Evaluation by the General Membership:

  1. Upon endorsement by the Executive Committee, the responsible group will provide a short 2-3 paragraph summary of the Project, including the succinct problem statement, to the General Membership for formal consideration, prioritization, and approval.
  2. The responsible group will provide an interim update at one or more intervening General meetings from the time of formal approval by the General membership to include preliminary results and recommendations for next steps.
    1. Interim reports and evaluations should include
      1. List of participants
      2. Quantitative description of transactions measured or evaluated
      3. Duration of the Demonstration
      4. Comparison of the interim results to the original proposed evaluation plan
  3. The responsible group will prepare a final evaluation based on the original Evaluation Plan or other assessment measures that become apparent during the Demonstration.