Electronic Research Administration


Promote integrated standards-based electronic systems to streamline research administration.


  • Participate in FDP working groups and committees to provide guidance for and support of eRA needs
  • Streamline Grants Life-Cycle by working with federal agencies and institutions to use standards-based electronic systems to reduce administrative burden and improve accountability
  • Bring FDP into 21st Century by exploring use of technology for FDP committees and workgroups to enhance and facilitate communication and planning

Working Groups Supporting Goals

  • Joint DATA Act Group
  • Joint Application Design with Grant.gov (JAD)
  • SciENcv
  • FDP 21st Century

Possible Future Working Groups

  • Integrated Acquisition Environment/SAM Improvements
  • Agency System Proliferation Monitoring

Current Initiatives

Committee Members

Member Organization
Lori Ann M. Schultz (Co-chair) University of Arizona
David Saunders (Co-Chair) National Science Foundation
Tammy Custer Cornell University
Stephen Dowdy University of Maryland
Thomas Drinane Dartmouth College
Joel Snyderman National Institutes of Health
Debbie Nixon Duke University
Mark Sweet University of Wisconsin, Madison
Courtney Swaney University of Texas, Austin
Ron Splittgerber Colorado State
Don Turner St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Priya Jayaraman National Science Foundation
Tapiana Wray University of Alaska
Carolyn Pappas University of Michigan
Kasima Garst National Institutes of Health
Nisha Garg University of Texas Medical Branch
Kim Mann Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sonya Arora National Science Foundation
Vonda Durrer University of Virginia
Jim Kresl University of Washington
Emily Lacy University of Texas, Dallas
Kim Griffin Northwestern Univesity
Ex Officio  
David Robinson (Faculty Liaison) Oregon Health & Sciences University
Max Bernstein (NASA Liaison) NASA