The energy generated at FDP meetings is truly inspiring. Nowhere else are faculty, administrative, technical, and federal representatives able to work together to reduce the administrative burden associated with research in the same way!

– Melissa Korf, Office of Research Administration, Harvard Medical School; FDP Co-chair Research Compliance Committee


The FDP is comprised of committees, subcommittees, and working groups to accomplish its goals, led by FDP members who dedicate their time to identify solutions to make research and research administration more efficient. The committees are divided into Programmatic Committees, broken down by topic area, and Operational Committees, which support FDP as an organization.

Operational Committees

The Operational Committees oversee the functions of the organization.

Membership consists of the elected FDP Administrative Co-Chair, the elected FDP Faculty Co-Chair, a senior federal official, and the Co-Chairs of the FDP’s standing committees.

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Programmatic Committees

The Programmatic Committees are formed around high-priority topics in research administration where the FDP looks to create efficiencies. The following lists potential opportunities for members and the responsibilities for each.

Provides a forum for faculty representatives in to discuss, define, select, and develop themes to be presented and discussed at FDP meetings. The committee meets by teleconference monthly.

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